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The Baviaanskloof has its name due to the many baboons you encounter during your route. Most people start their route in Komdomo and then drive to Willowmore. But of course you can also drive the route. In fact, it is impossible to describe Willowmore in a few words. In any case, there is plenty to see and experience. You can hike through the mountains, climbing, camping, wildlife and bird watching and making beautiful rides.

Especially the rest makes you feel this beautiful environment fully. Take a 4×4 car and drive across the R322, a gravel road, through this incredibly rough area. Be prepared for the road to be dropped completely by rainfall and driving through rivers. You enjoy intensely and come across villages where time has stood still. The town of Zaaimanshoek is also called the “lost city”. Here you really make the local culture.

Make sure you get petrol, as it may take a while before you get a petrol station. It is also wise to bring enough money because the chance of an ATM is very small. The plantation and animal kingdom at Baviaanskloof is very extensive. As you drive through the impressive area you can find leopards, buffalo, kudu, zebras, numerous goats and hearts. Are you curious about the plants of the Baviaanskloof? You can see more than 1,000 kinds of plants, including the Protea family.

Baviaanskloof is a rough area and temperatures can be both extremely hot and very cold here. In summer it can reach 41 degrees, while in winter it can freeze as well as 30 degrees. Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve is located in the Eastern Cape 120 km west of Port Elizabeth. It is a malaria free area of approximately 270,000 acres of unspoilt mountainous terrain. Beginning in the east at Komdoma, it is its beautiful road of unprecedented beauty through the gulf of “Great River” to Willowmore in the west. Baviaanskloof is one of the 8 protected areas within the Cape Floral Region, making it a National Heritage.

The Bavian Gorge is also known as the Bushmen’s heritage and there are caves and shelters where sometimes very clear visible murals can be found. Go walking for the painting of the Spectacular Healer on the way enjoying the amazing view. The adventurers below you can climb rock and mountain, and there are several hiking trips that make you climb rivers and rocks to get out at rock pools, so-called mountain lakes with water that’s cool and clear!

Do not feel like walking, take the car. Keep in mind that the roads are untouched and that a bakkie or 4×4 vehicle is advised. Certainly during rainy periods when the low bridges will be flooded with water and the paths are muddy.

Thanks to its varied landscape, you will find more than 1000 different plant species, including many ericas and proteas. Also different palm goods, which were thought that 2 species did not exist anymore, survived the time in the Baviaanskloof. You can go picnic at the Geelhoutbos where you see the yellowwood tree and the wild fig tree.

Animals that you can encounter here are the leopard, the buffalo, the koudu, the zebra, red heart beast, bushbok, reebok, moose, porcupine and bobbejaan. There are also numerous reptiles and of course you will find plenty of birds, including the Crowned Hornbill, the Francolin and the African Fish Eagle.

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